Givealexahand commissions

These commissions are for personal use only, which includes prints for non commercial use. These prices are a base, which may lower or raise depending on factors such as a half body, or extra limbs past 6. Quotes are free, and done through email or twitter DMs.

Live2D / PNGtuber model Art

Models for programs such as:
- Honk, for the lipsync pngtuber
- Veadotube for simple pngtubers
- Fugi Reactive, for discord bobbles
- Full Live2D models for Animaze, VTS, or PrprLive
Starting at $50 for simple bobbles

Sketch Commissions

Pieces done with a loose sketchy linework, which can have color and shading added.Starting at $30 per fullbody piece.

Inked Commissions

Fully inked pieces, with varied line weight and attention to detail. Flat colors, along with cel shading and painted shading available.Starting at $60 per fullbody piece.

Full Illustrations

Multi character pieces with detailed backgrounds, or painted pieces. Anything goes, but price rises accordingly.

TWEWY themed commissions

Pieces done to emulate the style of The World Ends With You, with your character made to resemble Noise like creatures or wire winged Reapers. Discounted inked flat characters since I very much like drawing these :)Starting at $55 per fullbody piece.

Icons, stickers, and emotes

From art nouveau framed portraits to chibis or stickers, these themed pieces come in various prices.Starting at $20 per emote.

Bobble PNGTubers

$50 base price per character

Simple headshots that can be used with veadotube mini or Fugi Reactive. Shading can be added for $10. Comes with two frames, full sized, and a gif version of the mouth moving. Additional expressions are +50% of the base cost.I can turn these into a lipsynced version for additional cost, inquire if interested.

Half/Full body PNGtubers

$75 base price per character

PNGTubers with more body to them. Comes with a waist up image of the character, with eye blink and two mouth forms.
Full body models are $100, and shading is +20% of the base cost.
Extra expressions are $30 each.
Works with veadotube mini, and can be upgraded to a lip-synced honk model with extra mouth forms. Price for lip-sync is variable, ask for details.

Live2D models


Type of ModelPrice of modelPropsNotes
Bust Only$250+$40Hands count as props
Half-body$350+$60Ends at waist
Outfit changesAdd $70-$150Wings+$80
Color altsAdd $50Design Fee+25% of total

Full live2D model art, ready for rigging. I have a rigger who would be happy to take my art and bring it to life, Rafaelmgd. Prices vary on how much work you'd like done. A custom designed piece will come with an extra drawing as planning for the model. This is a highly variable commission type, and a quote is the best way to go!

Plain sketches

$30 base price per character

Simple sketches, the quickest type of commission I offer. Simple blocks of color or props added depending on the character.

Colored Sketches

$45 base price per character

Sketches with flat colors, either solid flats or markered in. Perfect budget option for multi character pieces or multi part sequences.

Shaded Sketches

$60 base price per character

Sketched lineart with rendering included, with various styles of shading available, from airbrushing, to simple painting style, and traditional media mimicking pencil or marker work.


$60 base price per character

Inked work, perfect for coloring yourself! I can add single tones or silght "shading" into the linework for free, or leave it transparent so you may add color yourself. I request that you not commission another artist to color my lines without prior consent.

Inked flat colors

$75 base price per character

My most common commission style, the heavy inks with solid flats give your piece a very stunning pop, without being overly detailed. Gradients, splashes of color, or small background elements are available without extra cost.Simple shading or lighting to imply texture can be added for $5, perfect for metallic, latex, gooey, or other unusual forms best served by it.

Cel-shaded inks

$90 base price per character

My usual style for rendered works, the crisp lineart flows well with hard edged shading. 2-3 layers are employed, with a minimum of one shading layer and one lighting layer. Small background elements are included in this price.

Painted inks

$120 base price per character

The most rendering I will do on commission without special openings, inked pieces with painterly rendered shading. Textured brushes with blending are utilized to give a soft look.

Full Illustrations

Full illustrations are heavily quote based, multiple characters interacting on a fleshed out background takes a lot of time. The best way is to ask for a quote, but expect anything from $200 to $600, depending on the complexity.I will take payment plans for these!

Twewy Themed Commissions

$60 base price per character

I adore drawing in this style, and will draw more detailed lineart, with extra "tattoo" style limbs designed especially for your character, for the price of a normal flat colored inked piece. Reaper characters are available for a slight discount at $55.

Art Nouveau Frame Icons

$50 icon | $80 custom frame

A antique stylized icon that fits perfectly in the circles of the modern web. $50 gets you an icon on an existing frame, and $80 gets a frame for you, which is then added to the list for others to choose from.

Standard Icons/Avatars

$35 per icon

A basic icon, squared for use in most circumstances. Comes in multiple resolutions to use anywhere you might need.

Painted Icons/Avatars

$60 per icon

The only style of pure painted commission I offer. A highly rendered piece with lighting suited to the client's aesthetics and character.

Emotes and stickers

$20 simple / $30 detailed

$20 Emotes suitable for twitch and discord, or $30 stickers for telegram or discord. Done up quick, usually in packs of several, but single ones are available. Meme redraws welcome.

Gil commissions

Congrats! If you made it here, I'm offering my art for FFXIV gil at the moment. Offerings vary and are limited, currently they are being used to help fund my FC getting a large house!

Png-tubers $50

A little bobble head to use on your streams! Any type of character accepted, long hair and horns/ears will be simplified to fit roughly into a square. Only two frames, mouth open and closed.

Png-tubers $50

A larger stream image to be used like a Vtuber, a thigh up drawing with several frames, including an open and closed mouth and eyes. Extra expressions can be added for a fee.

By commissioning me, you agree to the following Terms of Service:

Payments are processed through Stripe, or PayPal only if the customer cannot use Stripe due to country not being supported or other special circumstances. Payments are handled before the work is started. Quotes are provided based on estimated work, and additional costs may arise for things such as excess revisions and additional scope by client. In the event of a disagreement on additional work beyond the scope of initial payment, the work can either be completed as originally agreed, or the work stopped and refunded minus hours already worked on the piece.
All revisions are done in batches. You get 2 batches of revisions per stage of the work. These do not include artist mistakes on things clearly outlined in description or references. Stages are rough sketch, clean sketch, line work, and color. One batch can contain multiple points of changes, such as changing eye shape, and adding claws for example. One I have returned the changes, a new batch is started. Changes to previous stages, such as line work after color is started, and extra batches have additional charges.
Files will be delivered via email and kept available for at least a year after the finished date. Specific deadlines are not guaranteed to account for extenuating circumstances such as injury or equipment failure, but any rush charges will be refunded if deadline is missed, and the commissioner will be warned of any possibility of delays the moment they arise. All work will be done within three months, though most work will be done much sooner. WIPS may be requested at any time, and will be delivered within 3 days of request.
These illustrations are for personal use only. You will receive a watermarked file which can be shared on the internet freely, or used for personal purposes such as profile pictures, website banners, or in non-monetized videos. The full resolution file without watermark will also be given, though this file is for personal viewing and small batch printing without intent to sell (e.g., a small run of stickers for you and your friends, or a print for your home). This file should not be disseminated freely.
I reserve all rights to the artwork I produce for you, and can reproduce them for things such as gallery work, prints, and examples for future clients. NDA and other circumstances will include a contract to sell these rights if the client wishes. By default, the client has rights to use their work for personal use, such as personal prints, using as an icon, stickers for self, etc. Commercial stream use is allowed, such as making the art into a Twitch emote, or having it on stream. This does not include company logos, physical or digital merchandise, or other derivative use for sales. These rights can be purchased separately.
Refunds are not permitted once work has started on the commission, unless I decide that I cannot complete the work. In the event I decide the work is beyond my schedule or capabilities, I will refund either the full price, or minus whatever has been completed thus far.
Commissions not started can be refunded for the full price at any time before I contact you to start, minus any fees accrued by payment processing, and a $10 clerical fee.COMMUNICATION
Communication is done primarily through email (, and all things relating to payment and details of the commission must be listed in email correspondence. I may stream the work and changes and other small requests asked for in things such as Twitch chat will be honored to the best of my ability, but putting these things in email guarantees their addition to the piece, especially when such messages are ephemeral and hard to reference after the fact. I keep tabs on my email and respond to most emails within 48 hours, but during busy times this may take longer. Clients already in the queue and paid for their piece have priority over work inquiries in these times.